The following table and figure provide a brief summary of the genetic resources that are available currently through WHISP. Please contact a project PI for more information.

Table 1. The 11 focal species of WHISP. Sample size refers to the number of range-wide collections (haploid megagametophytes) resequenced for SNP discovery.

Species Sample Size
Pinus albicaulis 15
Pinus aristata 9
Pinus ayachuite 17
Pinus balfouriana 16
Pinus flexilis 15
Pinus lambertianaa 12
Pinus longaeva 13
Pinus monticola 18
Pinus monophylla 15
Pinus strobiformis 18
Pinus strobusb 19


aThese data are from CRSP.
bFour samples of Pinus chiapensis are classified here as P. strobus.

Figure 1. A summary of gene annotation information for the 263 amplicons being resequenced for WHISP.