Mitchell M. Sewell, Bradley K. Sherman and David B. Neale
Journal: Genetics (1999) 151:321-330
TreeGenes Database Experiment: IFGCON


About This Map

Presented below is a consensus map for loblolly pine. The maternal (mat), paternal (pat) and consensus map for each linkage group, based on segregation data from the “base” and “qtl” pedigrees. Constituent maps were constructed from RFLP, RAPD and isozyme genetic markers using MapMaker (Lander et al. 1987) and JoinMap (Stam 1993). Constituent maps were integrated into the consensus map via orthologous markers using JoinMap. Linkage groups 1-12 contain integrated data from all four constituent maps; linkage groups 13-14 contain integrated data from only the qtl pedigree; linkage groups 15-20 are small, single-population groups. Solid lines connect orthologous markers within pedigrees; dotted lines connect orthologous markers among pedigrees.


Consensus Map