Table 2.  Summary of Fusarium-regulated cDNAs at 8 days post-challenge.

Clone Treatmenta Annotationb E-valuec Speciesd  Fold


Bonferonni adjusted p values
pi273 P.C. suscept. Unknown, AAM62667.1 (X) 2.00E-08 Arabidopsis thaliana         26.4 0.000
Pechi270 P.C. suscept. Class IV chitinase, AAL58880.1  (X) 4.00E-45  Pinus elliottii 12.0 0.000
pi279, pi303, pi272, pi304 P.C. suscept. Class III peroxidase, AAG02215.1    (X) 1.00E-25 Pinus sylvestris 9.6 0.000
pi277, pi278, pi275 P.C. suscept. cDNA clone, AI919956  (E) 1.00E-35 Pinus taeda 2.6 0.000
pi293 P.C. suscept. no similarity >10-5 2.8 0.001
pi276, pi292 P.C. suscept. Tar1p, NP_690845.1 (X) 6.00E-18, Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2.1 0.002
pi64 P.C. resist. PR10-related protein, AF197342.1  (X) 2.00E-27 Picea glauca 10.6 0.006
pi284 P.C. suscept. Ribosomal protein L1, T51935 (X) 1.00E-38 Spinacia oleracea 24.8 0.009
pi117 salicylate Antimicrobial peptide 2, AL05053.1 (bestEST) 1.00E-102, 9.00E-59 Pinus sylvestris 2.2 0.014
pi274 P.C. suscept. no similarity >10-5 1.6 0.024
pi263 P.C. suscept. Xylem cDNA, BQ700839.1 (E) 6.00E-31 Pinus taeda 2.3 0.026
Pechi1 wounded Putative class I chitinase, AAL58875.1  (X) 2.00E-32 Pinus elliottii 11.8 0.027
pi280 P.C. suscept. no similarity >10-5 1.7 0.032
pi76, pi128 salicylate cDNA clone, AA739574.1  (E) 1.00E-147 Pinus taeda 2.2 0.032
pi287 P.C. suscept. ABC transporter-like protein, NP_191829.1  (bestEST) 5.00E-47 Arabidopsis thaliana 2.4 0.037
pi297 P.C. suscept. Pollen cone cDNA, AW754815   (E) 2.00E-35 Pinus taeda 3.7 0.037
pi250 P.C. suscept. no similarity >10-5 4.2 0.047
pi289 P.C. suscept. Hydrophobin 3, AAO16869.1  (bestEST) 1.00E-102, 3.00E-15 Gibberella moniliformis 3.0 0.055
pi156-2 salicylate Xylem cDNA, BQ107663.1  (E) 2.00E-69 Pinus taeda 2.4 0.066
pi228a F.R. suscept. no similarity >10-5 2.4 0.066
pi302 P.C. suscept. Xylem cDNA, BF609752.1   (E) 1.00E-140 Pinus taeda 2.3 0.076
pi301 P.C. suscept. Expressed protein, NP_564667.1,  (X) 1.00E-20 Arabidopsis thaliana 2.6 0.084
pi307a P.C. suscept. Boiling stable protein A, CAC34953.1   (X) 3.00E-09  Populus 2.2 0.085
pi139 salicylate Xylem cDNA, BI202925.1    (E) 1.00E-10 Pinus taeda 2.3 0.090
pi130 salicylate cDNA library, BI416804.1    (E) 3.00E-62 Heterobasidion annosum  or Pinus sylvestris 2.3 0.093
pidd6-2 wound Xylem cDNA, BQ197534.1    (E) 3.00E-71 Pinus taeda 2.5 0.094
pi152-5 salicylate Actin-depolymerizing factor, Q8SAG3  (bestEST) 1.00E-101, 9.00E-52 Pinus taeda 2.5 0.096
pi281 P.C. suscept. no similarity >10-5 1.7 0.098
pi307b P.C. suscept. Photosystem II subunit, P16059  (X) 3.00E-29 Pisum sativum 2.3 0.099

a  pitch canker (P.C.) resistant and susceptible plants were challenged with F. circinatum, and fusiform rust (F.R.) susceptible plants were challenged with C. q. fusiforme.

b  Annotation based on: X=BLASTX, E=BLASTn against dbEST, bestEST=annotated using EST sequence with the best sequence match as a blastx query.

c  E-values >10-5 were considered not similar

d  Species of origin for the top BLAST hit

e  For genes represented by multiple cDNAs, the expression ratios (diseased/control) are given as averages.